WordPress Monthly Retainer – 10 Hours


When you know that you need a steady stream of work done on a consistent basis, but not enough to warrant hiring someone full time, a 10-hour monthly WordPress retainer should be more than enough to handle those time consuming, monotonous tasks that you just don’t have the bandwidth to focus on.



Have a pro do whatever you need done, each and every month — for up to 10 hours.

Typically you can expect up to 72 hour turn around for individual tasks, not including weekends. For more involved tasks, turn around times may be longer.



  1. You purchase a monthly retainer plan.
  2. You will receive a message in your preferred messaging app (Teams, Slack, Trello, or email) – to start the delegation process.
  3. Once you provide all the necessary information to complete your task, you’ll be given an estimated completion date.
  4. Once your task is complete – you’ll receive an email message confirming completion, along with the total time remaining on your retainer.