Complete WordPress Maintenance Plan


When you know that you have no time or interest in managing plugins, monitoring backups, updating themes, moderating uptime, cleaning up databases, fixing broken links, or tracking license renewals — this yearly plan was made for you.



We’ll make sure that your shiny website continues to perform well for your organization and your visitors, so you can get more time back in the day.


  • Managed WordPress core updates (to take advantage of WordPress’ recent features and security updates)
  • Weekly plugins updates (with proper backups and testing to avoid any incompatibilities/problems)
  • WordPress parent and child theme version updates (which can often be problematic)
  • Managed site backups and restores (peace of mind, to an offsite location, for added security!)
  • Security measures and monitoring (to prevent your website from being hacked & blacklisted)
  • Uptime monitor (I get real-time notifications if the site ever goes down to fix it ASAP)
  • Monthly database cleaning & optimization (to reduce db size & speed things up)
  • Regularly scanning and fixing broken links (or redirecting them as needed)
  • Performance monitoring (to make sure your website’s speed continues to be a positive ranking factor)
  • License management (keeping track of software renewals & recommending free/better alternatives)
  • Priority support (answering all your emails/messaging app requests within 24 hours)

This plan does NOT include content updates of any kind.