JPearl Nutrition Redesign 2020

This space will act as “home-base” for your website project. All the links and files related to your project will be placed here for you to reference now and will be available for you to download in the future.


Discovery (Understand client needs, research issues to be solved)

Proposal (Define requirements, setup contract agreement)

Project Start (Confirm deposit, begin work on platform setup)

Gather Content (assign client homework, gather all content)

Design (Page designs and additional graphic images)

Implement (Transfer/integrate content, adjust page settings)

Review (Go through pages with client, refine content)

✔ Test (Define user scenarios, run checks on functionality and usability of site features)

Refine (Make changes based on test findings)

Launch (Final review of site settings, finalize domain settings, transfer site ownership to client)

Project End (Fill out a survey, confirm the payment)



Jessica — your homework this week is to:

Project Details

Signed Contract Proposal: View and download here

Payment Schedule:

  • $200, initial deposit (PAID on 3/16/2020, view receipt here)
  • $600, final deposit upon project completion

Content Inventory

Full list of pages to be transferred from the current WordPress site: